One of the most important aspects of designing and building your own home is planning.

Cardboard Castle

Add Details

To add details, cut the wall of the castle using scissors or an exacto knife. You can also cut the drawbridge by folding it in half. The drawbridge should be hinged on the bottom, so make sure it is the same height as the walls. Make sure to use the same pattern on both sides and use the same color paper. If you’re looking for a great way to get your kids engaged in construction projects, consider this Build Your Own Slot Cardboard House kit. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble, and you won’t have to use any tape or glue. You can even use crayons to decorate!


To build a castle, use a piece of black craft paper and cut a rectangle shape with a rounded top. Next, trace the shape onto brown paper or cardboard.



Then, cut along the lines of the shapes. Once the cardboard is cut, you can add windows and a drawbridge.


If you’re able to find cardboard boxes that are sturdy enough, you can make a cardboard castle with poster paper.


Remember to follow safety regulations! If you’re doing it with a child, make sure to supervise their actions.


Once your cardboard castle is complete, decorate it with colorful paint and stickers. You should avoid the use of sharp objects around small children.


glue gun

Using a glue gun to stick the pieces together is not recommended if you’re not a professional craftsman.





Building a cardboard house is not a difficult project. You can do it in a few hours and it can look very realistic. The first step is to create a blueprint.